Meet GX1000, the Fastest, Most Fearless Crew in Skateboarding


The San Francisco skate crew GX1000 is a loosely organized gang of misfit skateboarders who are bound together mostly by a shared appetite for positive vibes, high speeds, and copious amounts of Northern California’s famous high-potency marijuana. Some of the crew, whose online video releases have made them a sensation, are pro skaters. Others are amateurs. All of them are unflinchingly confident and freakishly physically gifted.

A recent GX1000 release called “El Camino” features one of the classic Chevys as a skate obstacle. Garshell’s crew takes it around the streets of San Francisco, using the roof as a platform for tricks, and the fenders as rails for grinding and sliding. “My direction is, I want you to feel like you’re right there with us,” Garshell says of his videos. “I don’t like high production value. I like it to be really raw.” The clip ends with P-Spliff launching over the hood of the car into a terrifyingly steep hill bomb. He travels three blocks in a matter of seconds, his shirt flapping like he’s standing in a hurricane, the camera zooming to follow him as he gets smaller and smaller in the distance.

Then there’s an abrupt cut to the next scene: The El Camino exploding into flames in the total darkness of night.

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