ISA SCOOTER WORLD FINALS 2017 RUNS Kota Schuetz vs Jordan Clark

Just in case you missed last years Scooter World Finals, this is the full comp. This years qualification is kicking off soon, so check out the Events area for details. Who will be win this years competition, only time will tell but what we can tell you, is it is going to be totally awesome. We will keep you up to date with all the latest News and Interviews with these Amazing athletes.

LAST YEARS FULL COMPETITION VIDEO! The ISA Scooter World Finals 2017 with Kota Schuetz, Jordan Clark, Dante Hutchinson, Hunter Schuetz, Roomet Salik, Rich Zalika, Cody Flom, Jon Marco Gaydos, Dylan Morrison, Dylan Sinclare and Leo Spencer.

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