Vans starts ‘This is off the wall’ campaign with 'Vanguards'

The campaign aims to promote self-expression: whether through art, music, skateboarding or surfing. Vans are showcasing some ridiculously inspirational people through their ‘creativity, authenticity, and passion.’

Vans recently unveiled the first part of ‘This is off the wall’ with ‘Vanguards’ – exploring the identities and influences that fuel skateboarding. ‘Vanguards’ features skateboarding athletes Lizzie Armanto, Brighton Zeuner, Yndiara Asp and Mami Tezuka, and looks at how their style, individuality and creativity shape their passion (both on and off the board).

“Everyone has their own unique approach to skating: where they grew up, who they were influenced by – it all affects how they look on a board.” Lizzie Armanto.

As Vans put it, “Vanguards” highlights…

‘attributes such as Lizzie Armanto’s flowy, surf-skating form inspired by her Santa Monica roots, Brighton Zeuner’s colorful personality that parallels her bold performance, Yndiara Asp’s fearless attitude that made her a standout in the Brazilian skate scene, and Mami Tezuka’s focused sense of timing that was honed over years of studying piano in her native Japan.’

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