Transworld Skateboarding’s edit from Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2018

Missed this year’s Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic? No problem. Check out Transworld’s video edit from this year’s event.

WARNING: This video will give you serious skateboarding goals.

The results from Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2018 were:

10th place – Lea Taylor

9th place – Mina Stees

8th place – Grace Marhoefer

7th place – Arianna Carmona

6th place – Sakura Yosozumi

5th place – Poppy Starr Olsen

4th place – Lizzie Armanto

3rd place – Brighton Zeuner

2nd place – Jordyn Barratt

1st place – Nicole Hause



Congratulations to all participants, especially the winner Nicole Hause.


Facts about Nicole…

Age: 20

From: Stillwater, Minnesota, USA

Skipped her high school graduation to make her X Games debut

Started skateboarding after a friend had a birthday party at a skate park

Has a background in commercial acting.


You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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