Stefan Everts has toe amputated


Stefan Everts’ battle with Malaria has taken an unfortunate turn for the worse, as he’s had to have his little toe amputated.


An infection led the 10-time world champion back into hospital after Malaria.


Before the surgery, Stefan said:

“It is very serious. They have also decided to start an intravenous treatment with antibiotics to prevent the infection in the bone. Mentally it has become a bit heavier, but I will certainly not let my head go. I was doing well. I had gained 5 kilos again. The condition has returned to a good level, so I’m not going to let this hang. We just continue to fight and work and we look forward positively.”




Stefan has not explained the reason for the toe amputation, but it is possibly due to the infection to the skin, or extending to the bones, or if the toe died due to a poor blood supply.


Stefan Everts contracted Malaria in November 2018, while attending a charity event in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


We all wish Stefan a speedy recovery and hope he can return home to his friends and family soon.

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