Skateboarding-friendly site opens in Hull

Hull - the 2017 UK City of Culture - has opened the UK’s first skateboarding-friendly site.

Back in November 2016, Hull Council officials announced they wanted to be the first UK city to officially embrace skateboarding. Unlike other UK cities where skateboarding is actively discouraged with killjoy skate-stoppers, Hull City Council wanted to construct buildings with skate-friendly plaza spaces. Great idea, right?


Let’s now fast forward to June 2018…


Previously in a run-down city centre area, a new multi-purpose music/theatre/art building called Hull Venue is now open. The building has a large plaza area outside surrounded by ledges – designing skateboarding into the city.


It is important to point out this isn’t a skatepark, but the cultural space has been designed so that skateboarders are welcomed. Whoever thought architecture and skateboarding would go hand in hand?


Hull Council do have further plans for more skate-friendly spaces for the hopefully not-too-far future, but for now, we have Hull Venue.


With a proven track record of reducing street crime, it would be great if more UK cities could follow Hull’s lead.

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