Results: Vans Park Series 2018 Finals

The final stop of the 2018 Vans Park Series (VPS) Championships took place this weekend at Suzhou, China, but what happened?


Brighton Zeuner came in 1st place as the Women’s champion. The 14-year-old from America stunned the crowds, with her signature backside 360 in every run and a kickflip indy – one of the few flip tricks in the women’s event. In 2nd place is Yndiara Asp (Brazil) and Hawaiian skater and surfer Jordyn Barratt came in 3rd place.  



The Men’s final round was a close call, with Pedro Barros (Brazil) and Alex Sorgente (USA) challenging the other’s scores until the very end. Eventually, Sorgente did a multiple trick run which yielded the highest score, earning him 1st place. Despite a short hiatus due to injury, Tom Schaar came in 3rd place.


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