Results – Vans Pool Party Finals

There was a repeat win…

Tom Schaar has won the Vans Pool Party Pro Finals once again, with Sandro Dias in 1st place in the Masters division and Chris Miller winning in the Legends final.


About Tom Schaar...

18 years old

From Malibu, California, USA

The first skateboarder to land a 1080 – three revolutions

Became the youngest X Games gold medalist at the 2012 Asia X Games in Shanghai

Is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.




About Sandro Dias...

43 years old

Born in Santo André, São PauloBrazil and currently living in Santa Ana, California

Has been a professional skateboarder since 1995

Best known for his high alley oop air tricks and for being one of ten people confirmed to have pulled the 900

Won the gold medal at X Games 12 in Skateboard Vert.

Is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.




About Chris Miller...

50 years old

Has set up his own brands

Also surfs and does yoga

From Encinitas, USA

Is on Instagram.




Final Results
1. Tom Schaar
2. Cory Juneau
3. Chris Russell
4. Tristan Rennie
5. Jimmy Wilkins
6. Kiko Francisco
7. Josh Rodriguez
8. Clay Kreiner
9. Keegan Palmer
10. Moto Shibata

1. Sandro Dias
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Chad Shetler
4. Mitchell Mendez
5. Lincoln Ueda
6. Darren Navarrette
7. Brian Patch
8. Steve Revord
9. Bennett Harada
10. Kris Reeves

1. Chris Miller
2. Eric Nash
3. Steve Caballero
4. Lance Mountain
5. Nicky Guerrero
6. Mike McGill
7. Pat Ngoho
8. Tony Magnusson
9. Christian Hosoi
10. Steve Alba

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