Results – Vans Park Series – Shanghai

Today in Shanghai, China, the latest Vans Park Series 2019 qualifier took place. With both riders in 1st place being the same age, it seems 17 is time to shine.



Making his Vans Park win debut, Roman Pabich (USA) came in 1st place, with his smooth style and trick selection.


“My favourite thing about this tour is all of the places that we get to go to skate with our friends, and these parks that they build for us. It’s insane, we are like VIP status everywhere, it’s the best! Thank you.” - Roman Pabich. 


Also on the podium were 15 year old CJ Collins in 2nd place and Luiz Francisco in 3rd.






Sakura Yosozumi from Japan came in 1st place, probably helped by her backside noseblunt revert in the last few seconds of her run.


Kisa Nakamura came in 2nd with an amazing comeback final run despite an injury, and Yndiara Asp came in 3rd.




Click here for the full results and to watch the replay.

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