Results – Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast and Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2018

Congratulations to Julian Wilson and Lakey Peterson.

Julian Wilson came in first place in Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, and Lakey Peterson came in first place in Roxy Pro Gold Coast.


In January 2018, Julian injured his shoulder which nearly put him out of the Gold Coast event, however…

"Watching the birth of my first child gave me an unbelievable strength to just suck up the pain in my shoulder, and come down here, and do what I needed to do."


Lakey Peterson said:

“I've been working for seven years to get another win. It's been a while, so the hard work pays off. My goal is to stay steady the whole year and just believe in myself and enjoy the ride.”


Facts about Julian:

An ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Style hero is Johnny Depp

Rides a dirt bike

Released a film called ‘Scratching The Surface’ in 2010



You can follow Julian on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Facts about Lakey:

Grew up in Santa Barbara, California, USA

Was nicknamed "Lakey Surf Legend" at the age of 5

Started surfing competitively at 11 years old

Has done lots of volunteering and fundraising for charities



You can follow Lakey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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