Results – ISA World Championships Final (Men’s and Women’s)

Following Independence Day on 4th July, American athletes came in 1st place in both the men’s and women’s championships.



Jon Marco Gaydos, who came in 12th in the semi-finals, truly upped his game in the finals and came in 1st place!


He shared his winning win on social media, saying:


‘Still can’t believe I for filled my dream and made the history books. Couldn’t be any more excited, can’t wait to make this year better than any other year I’ve ever had.’


A couple of days later, Jon Marco is still reeling from his success:


‘Still couldn’t be more happy to be the World Champion. I have trained countless amounts of hours to achieve this goal and I finally made it happen. This just proves that hard work does pay off!’




Chris Farris and Dylan Morrison came in 2nd and 3rd place.



In the semi-finals, Rebeca Ortiz came in 2nd place – an admirable rank, but Rebeca still strove to improve herself further, posting that she ‘didn’t do as good as I wanted, but still happy. Definitely need to clean some things up for finals.’


And she certainly did clean her ride up: coming in 1st place, and now owning the title of the first ever ISA Women’s World Champion!


‘So surreal! And to think just 8 months ago I had broken my leg and this was my first comp back from that injury. So incredibly humbled. But real talk, all the glory to God! The Lord was good as always and I’m so beyond blessed!’




Alexandra Madsen came in 2nd place and Bianca Dilworth followed in 3rd.


Both Jon Marco and Rebeca take home €5000.




Congratulations to every athlete who competed.


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