Results – ISA World Championships – North American Qualifier – Pennsylvania

As the ISA World Championships continue, some competitors have already earned their position in the World/Regional Finals, so bear with us with these following results…!

Typically the athlete who comes in 1st place earns a Golden Ticket to the World Finals, and the next 9 riders can compete at the North American Regional Final.


This did not happen, however, at the North American Qualifier at Woodward East in Pennsylvania. Why? Because rider Jon Marcos Gaydos (in 1st place) had already earned his spot at the World Finals.


So give the Golden Ticket to Chris Farris who came in 2nd place, right? Wrong! Chris already has his place reserved in the World Finals through the wild card.  


The Golden Ticket went to Brendan Jones in 3rd, who’ll now be able to complete at the World Finals.


Nolan Shoemaker who again already has a Golden Ticket, came in 4th place.  


So who qualifies for the Regional Final? The next 9 riders? Not quite. Those in 5th-7th (Hayden Claeys, Liam Fellows and Billy Evers), and 9th and 17th (Neta Pena and Bryce Baker) had already qualified.


This means that riders in 8th, 10th-16th and 18th are invited to ride in the the Regional Final.


Confused? Maybe just click here for the full results!   

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