Results – ISA World Championships – North American Qualifier – Michigan

Here’s what happened at the 1st North American Qualifier for the ISA World Championships…

Chris Farris came in 1st place. Normally this would give him a Golden Ticket to the ISA World Final, however he already has the Wildcard to the finals from Vegas. He still won $1,500 though, so no complaints there!


Chris posted on Instagram:

‘It was good to compete with all the homies and do our best to represent this amazing sport! End score was: 88’


Jon Marco Gaydos came in 2nd place and earned himself a Golden Ticket to the World Finals.


Posting on Instagram, Jon Marco said:

‘Super stoked on how today turned out, ended up getting 2nd place and getting the golden ticket to go to the ISA world finals. Congratulations to @chris_farris12 for destroying it today and getting 1st and also congrats to my boi @brendanj98 for getting 3rd. Overall the comp went super well and I can’t wait for the next qualifiers.’




Brenden Jones in 3rd place qualified for the Regional Final, along with:

Tristan Anderman

Pierce Goodwin

Liam Fellow

Hunter Schuetz

Logan Machan

Nicolas Nelson

Cole Zimmerman

Damian Kwiatowski.


For the full results, click here.

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