Results – ISA World Championships – European Qualifier – Eindhoven

In early March, scooter riders gathered at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, to try to earn their place at the ISA World Championships.

UK rider Jamie Hull came in 1st place, bagging himself a Golden Ticket to the ISA World Finals. Jamie is sponsored by District Scooters, Tortoise Pads and Dogg Scooters.


Posting on Instagram, Jamie said:

‘So incredibly happy to take the win over here in Eindhoven and the Golden Ticket for the years World Finals in Barcelona.’




He also gave a shoutout to Jordan Clark (last year’s ISA World Final champion, qualifying him for the World Final) and Jordan Hall, who came in 2nd and 3rd place.


Jordan Hall qualifies for the Regional Final, along with:

Daan Melis

David Senkyr

Teodor Simacek

Dante Hutchinson

Jamie Addison

Richard Zelinka

Timon Kunze

Malte Blum


Click here for the full results.

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