Results – ISA World Championships – European Qualifier – Corby

This weekend, Adrenaline Alley in Corby, England, hosted the last ISA World Championships European Qualifier.

Jamie Hull, who rides for Apex Pro Scooters, Tortoise Pads and Dogg Scooters, came in 1st place. This would typically earn him a Golden Ticket straight to the World Final, however he’d earned received this. His prime position still earned him £650.


Posting about his win on social media, Jamie said:


This qualifier’s Golden Ticket was passed onto Leo Spencer in 2nd place, who also received a cheque for £450. Leo can now compete at the World Final in Barcelona.


Jordan Hall, ranked 17th in the world, came in 3rd place, also bagging himself £250.


Jordan has already qualified for the European Regional Final, alongside scooter riders Jayden Sharman, Archie Cole, Isiah Samms, Jack Ward, Charley Dyson and Jake Chatterley.


This means that all other competitors who ranked up to 18th in the qualifier are now invited to participate in the European Regional Final.


For full results, click here.


Congratulations to all riders.

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