Nitro Circus' 'You got this' tour to hit US outdoor venues

In 2018, Nitro Circus launched the You Got This tour, wowing crowds and performing in some of the world’s most famous arenas. Now the crew is ready to bring the tour to outdoor venues across the United States for the first time.

You Got This features a cast of top-notch athletes who hold over 45 X Games medals combined, including FMX riders such as Jarryd McNeil, Nate Adams and Mike Mason, as well as Multi-sport athletes such as Ryan “R-Willy” Williams, and BMXer Kurtis Downs. Vicki Golden will be making her first full tour debut with Nitro Circus.

This huge stage set in the outdoors features the Giganta ramp which launches riders five stories into the air, while FMX riders fly 75 feet through the air from take-off to landing. 


For tickets and more info, click here.

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