Nitro Circus reveals long-awaited Ryan Williams’ signature scooter and R-Willy scooter range

What happens when you combine the world’s best scooter rider, the planet’s leading action sports brand, and the industry’s leading product developers? Because that is exactly what Nitro Circus put into motion over 12 months ago…!

Born and raised on Australia's Sunshine Coast, Ryan "R- Willy" Williams had a passion for dangerous sports from a young age. R-Willy has been going to the skatepark for as long as he can remember. As soon as he could walk, he was on rollerblades. Growing up, R-Willy had dreams of pushing his limits on what was possible: perhaps becoming a fighter pilot or an astronaut. But R-Willy really found his calling when he started riding scooters for hours every single day, perfecting his skills and constantly upping the bar and what he thought he could achieve. After an viral video, R-Willy received an invitation from Nitro Circus to show the crew his skills. His talent was undeniable, and Pastrana and the rest of the Nitro Circus family were beyond impressed. This is how R-Willy became a staple part of the Nitro Circus family, and now, R-Willy is one the most versatile and exciting individuals to watch in action sports. With countless world's first tricks tied to his name (such as the first triple backflip on a scooter) Ryan has gathered himself many fans who aspire to ride like him.


Nitro Circus has been at the forefront of dangerous sports' progression for years, so it made sense to partner with a scooter manufacturer for its first venture into the scooter world.  Greenover Sports, who have been leading scooter development and design for over a decade, ticked all the right boxes. So when Nitro Circus approached Greenover about working together for R-Willy’s signature scooter, it was perfect. R-Willy was placed with Fernando Young, the Greenover Head of Product Development: mastermind behind the industry’s leading products for many years. R-Willy and Fernando over 12 months testing, altering, and re-testing the designs before producing the perfect product that is now able to handle the sport’s most demanding athletes.

Check it out!


Nitro Circus RW Signature Scooter – Ano Gold / Gloss Black / Satin Black


Deck: 540mm x 130mm

Forks: Alloy Thread-less Fork

Handlebars: Alloy Bar, 635mm x 635mm Y Bar

Grips: 140mm Length Soft Grip

Head Parts: Fully Integrated Thread-less Headset

Clamp: SCS Clamp

Wheels: 120mm Alloy Core LP

Brake: 3 Bolt Brake


In addition to the top of the line RW Signature Scooter comes a range of scooters that host many similar technical features of the RW Signature Scooter, but perhaps at a friendlier price! You can learn more about the full R-Willy range including the RW Signature, the RW CX3, the RW CX2, and the RW CX1 at

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