There’s no telling what might happen at a Nitro Circus event.


Whether your into Bikes, Boards or Flying jetskis, you never know what you going to see at a Nitro Circus Event.

Pushing the limits of human capabilities, these riders will go the extra mile to show you that almost anything can fly, whether they can land it, only you if your watching it, will know.

Bands, Flame throwers and pyrotechnics add to the adrenaline rush of watching this and who knows what you may witness, world records, world firsts, anything can literally happen.

Nitro Circus have announced there 2019 World tour. Check out the link below to see if there performing anywhere near you.

Definately something to watch if you hunger Insane stunts and riders attempting the impossible.You will not be dissappointed.

Want to see what you'll be missing? Watch a video of last years event by clicking the link below.

See tour dates for 2019 and book tickets by clicking the link below




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