Krui Pro QS ready to go

There was a press conference today for Krui Pro QS starting tomorrow.

Mr Agus Istiglal, Regent of the West Coast of Lampung Province, said how excited he was to have the World Surf League and international surf athletes come to his home in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Mrs Ratna Suranti from Tourism Indonesia also spoke about how exciting it is to see QS and CT events in Indonesia.

Oney Anwar (one Indonesia's most successful professional surfers) said:

"I'm very proud and excited to have events like this in my home country. I love competing here. The waves are super fun, we don't get to compete at long left-handers much so I am excited to get out there. I am hoping for a big result here because I really want to get a spot in the Corona Bali Pro at Keramas."

Krui isn’t particularly easy to get to. It’s a small stretch of coastline on the island of Sumatra. Most competitors have travelled from Bali, where you can catch a one hour flight to Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta. After that, you catch a 25 minute flight to Bandar Lampung, and then a car journey that can take up to 6 hours!

The waves are worth it though!


About Oney Anwar...

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