Crew wheels in stock now

Which will be best for you?

Crew Wheels from Cult are in stock now. 

All wheels, whether Cassette, Freecoaster or Front, come with a free carabiner included inside the box. 



The Crew Freecoaster wheel (LHD or RHD), with black crew FC hub laced to a black match rim and non-drive side hubguard.



The 18" Crew Freecoaster Aftermarket wheel (LHD or RHD), available in black or polished. Hub laced to a black aero 18" rim, comes with non-drive side hubguard.



Crew Front wheel: an all-new design, with black crew front hub laced to a black match or aero rim and hubguards.




The 18" Crew Front Aftermarket wheel, with black or polished crew front hub laced to a black aero 18" rim, and hubguards. 




And finally... the Crew Cassette wheel.  It features the Cult crew SDS cassette hub built onto a Cult match rim using forged spokes, and comes with non-drive side hub guard. With a flip flop design, the hub can be converted from RHD to LHD. 

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