Cancelled Margaret River Pro will be completed in Bali

The Margaret River Pro was cancelled last month following nearby shark activity in the Western Australia region. The event will now be completed in Uluwatu, Bali: 48 hours after the end of this year’s Corona Bali Pro, and finish no later than 13th

In the men's event, 24 competitors remained when Margaret River Pro was cancelled and the competition will resume with Round 3. In the women's event, eight competitors remained and competition will resume with the Quarterfinals.

"It's fantastic that the WSL is finishing this event. We love Western Australia and it's unfortunate what happened to the event this season. That said, Uluwatu is an amazing wave and the surfers are very appreciative of being able to finish the event and have a fairer crack at the WSL Title." - Lakey Peterson

Facts about Lakey:

Grew up in Santa Barbara, California, USA

Was nicknamed "Lakey Surf Legend" at the age of 5

Started surfing competitively at 11 years old

Has done lots of volunteering and fundraising for charities.


"I love Western Australia and I'm looking forward to coming back in 2019, but it's awesome that we're going to complete the event this season at Uluwatu. It's a high-performance wave and I'm frothing to get out there. It's great that the WSL is investing in completing the event's competition." - Owen Wright.

Facts about Owen:

Surfing runs in the Wright family, with his sister Tyler Wright also being a professional surfer

Became the first surfer to post two perfect scores in a single event, during Round 5 and the final of the Fiji Pro 2015

Career victories include Quiksilver Pro New York 2011, Fiji Pro 2015 and Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2017

Continued to surf professionally after recovering from a severe brain injury at Pipeline, Hawaii, in 2015.


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