Brand new VR experience at Adrenaline Alley

Adrenaline Alley, the largest urban sports venue in Europe, now have a brand-new Virtual Reality experience.

At the indoor skatepark in Corby, England, visitors will soon be able to immerse themselves in 2 three minute VR experiences.

Experience 1: You see the social impact that the charity creates, including testimonials from staff, volunteers and riders.

Experience 2: This is a 360-degree ride through the park areas and you can see all the sports. You can experience what it’s like to “drop in” on the 14ft high vert ramp in a wheelchair with Lily Rice.


Specialist disability pods are available for those who struggle to sit or stand during the experience, and you can choose to experience the VR through goggles or a 160-degree screen with speakers.

There’s a small fee of 50p for any able-bodied participants to help the charity develop future experiences.

The experiences launch in December.

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