BMX Freestyle at the Youth Olympic Games

BMX Freestyle made its mark in the Olympics with its debut at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On the programme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the new discipline was showcased as a team event (one man and one woman) to large crowds in Urban Park. The competition saw the scores of both team members added together.

In the women’s final, Lara Lessmann (Germany) came in 1st place with Agustina Roth (Argentina) in 2nd, while in the men’s competition it was Argentinian Inaki Iriartes who came in in 1st, ahead of Evan Brandes (Germany). Both Argentina and Germany shared the gold medal, with Japan’s team winning bronze.



Athletes in BMX Freestyle Park performed a 1 minute run through a BMX park with obstacles. Riders were judged on factors including difficulty, originality and style.

“We come from a street scene, where we don’t have any rules. But it’s a pride to take part in the Olympic Games and also to be able to share it with very talented girls.” - Inaki Iriartes.

Cycling action continues in Buenos Aires until 17th October with the mixed combined (mountain bike and road) event.

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