Announcement: Red Bull Airborne

The World Surf League (WSL) have announced the launch of Red Bull Airborne: an aerial specialty event.

The aerial surfing competition will run with the 2018 Quiksilver Pro France and will showcase Championship Tour (CT) athletes, with some of the best new school surfers in the world.

There will be 2 additional spots reserved to anonymous wave riders – one rider under 18, one rider over 18 – who submit 2 clips featuring backside and frontside airs and showing brilliant amplitude, creativity and technicality.

The event also marks the start of the official relationship between Red Bull and WSL. Red Bull is one of the largest surfing sponsors in the world, actively supporting professional surfers and hosting contests.

"Growing up, I started watching videos of the first air shows in America with Christian Fletcher and Jason Collins. They were just punk rock and edgy, and they were only concentrating on big punts. To me, that was it. I'm excited this is happening. I want to give kids a creative platform to gravitate towards at a young age. I think this is going to help progress our sport and help open up a lot of kids' minds." - Josh Kerr, the mastermind behind Red Bull Airborne.

Red Bull Airborne will feature an 18-man field, across 6 qualifying heats and a final, taking place 5th – 10th October 2018 in Hossegor, France.


Red Bull Airborne Invitees

Albee Layer (Hawaii)
Chippa Wilson (Australia)
Mikey Wright (Australia)
Noa Deane (Australia)
Matt Meola (Hawaii)
Mason Ho (Hawaii)
Kolohe Andino (America)
Griffin Colapinto (America)
Yago Dora (Brazil)
Italo Ferreira (Brazil)
Filipe Toledo (Brazil)
Jordy Smith (South Africa)
Eric Geiselman (America)
Hector Santa Maria (Puerto Rico)
Kalani David (Hawaii)
Jack Freestone (Australia)

Wildcard A
Wildcard B

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